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The Children Educational Learning Cards Machine includes a card reader and 112 flashcards. Covering subjects like animals, daily necessities, transport, food, fruits, vegetables, costumes, nature, persons, jobs and shapes. Great speech therapy toys for toddlers to either introduce or reinforce sight words. Enhance cognitive ability, exercise hearing and build vocabulary.

Easy to Use – Put the card into the card reader’s slot, the card reader will pronounce the words.

When an animal card or transport card is inserted the card reader will play a real animal or transport sound. Press the repeat button to repeat the pronunciation and sound effects. These toddler learning toys for girls and boys bring so much fun to kids to keep them away from mobile phones and tablets, reduce screen time effectively.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery & Light  – The Yay Children Educational Learning Cards Machine comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and can be used for hours, no need to change frequently.


These toddler toys can be used by parents and teachers to teach little ones learning talking, expand vocabulary and reinforce sight words in a much more interesting way.

Great preschool learning toys, learning while having fun.

This learning toy is a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays for girls and boys. Play it with kids together to have some great family time.


Insert a card into the slot of the card reader
The card reader will pronounce the word.
A real sound of animal or transport will be played when a related card is inserted. The device is with a built-in battery that can last for 4 hours.


1 x Card Reader
224 x Flashcards
1 x Charging Cable.

This device is great to help to build vocabulary for them. With help of the interesting real sound of animals or transport, it can make learning much more interesting. Also, there is a repeat button on the card reader to repeat pronounce the word again and again.



Mae G.

“I am a grandma. At my twin grandkids age (2 1/2) anything that lasts a couple days as entertainment is worth this price. They were at a critical stage of speech and it was fun listening to them. There were a lot of cards. So the fun only lasted a couple of days. But it was worth the money!!! Don’t think it’s a long term educational tool. But DEFINITELY worth the money for a few days entertainment. Loved it”

Billy F.

“It goes through and reads each and every card. They may be inserted and removed with astonishing ease. You get a huge variety of playing cards. The fact that the volume can be changed is one of my favorite features. It is possible to be recharged, and it comes with a tiny USB chord that is extremely short. Even my children, who are fully vocal, like playing with it and lending a hand to their siblings. Cards may be a bit thicker, given that they are intended for young children, but they are not very thin and are more comparable in thickness to standard playing cards.”

Jeremiah G.

“I bought this for my sister’s little girl. She is still rather young, but it’s never too early to start a love of reading. This is a cute little toy because it’s educational without being boring. Each card is double sided and contains the printed word with a lovely colorful picture. The reader is very easy to use. Simply slip in the card and it says the word. It’s much better than regular flash cards because it is reinforcing the proper pronunciation as well.”

Felicia P.

“I am in love with these activities and English practice cards. Part of my family lives in the United States. I bought these cards to help my children close the language gap with their cousins in Texas. We have been using the cards for months while we practiced weekly phone calls and the children are feeling more comfortable. I attribute it to the activities. I love that the device clearly says the words to repeat. The quality of the cards and the device is durable. My children haven’t broken it. There are more than 200 words on the site that cross 12 different topics. This wide variety has greatly developed its vocabulary. The images on each card help to establish the connection to understand the word in both languages. I really love how portable this is too.”

Tami O.

“This product was highly recommended by my grandsons therapist. He is autistic and non-verbal. He loves this! It is helping to teach him sounds. I highly recommend this product!”

Eunice P.

“My daughter loves this device and plays with it everyday without fail. It also helps her with learning new words and pronunciation.”

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