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⭐Drilling hard-to-reach areas made it easier!⭐


Have a hard time accessing those corners and curves for drilling? Let this Magnetic Adjustable Screw Drill Tip tool help you solve more problems quickly!


Flexible extension shafts can be bent, twisted, and rotated at many different angles.

It can be drilled into a small space, in a variety of gaps, rather than your hand, flexible installation work.

 A suitable tool can save your working hours, and a comfortable job can greatly protect your hands, even in a narrow airtight space, bending, twisting, and straightening are also very flexible.


Strong Magnet for Bit Retention  Magnetic, impact-ready pivoting bit holder for accessing tight spaces and awkward screws.

Lockable for use as a straight-bit holder.

Suitable for All Drill Types  Works in all standard or cordless drills/drivers, drywall guns, and many more!

Great for Tight Space Access  Easily access even in a narrow airtight space, bending, twisting, and straightening are also very flexible.

Flexible Extension Feature  Flexible extension shafts can be bent, twisted, and rotated at many different angles.

Secure Screw Lock  The locking collar allows for straight or angled driving so that screws won’t easily fall off.

Makes Work Fast & Efficient  A suitable tool can save your working hours, and a comfortable job can greatly protect your hands.



Material: STEEL

Length: 88mm

Color: Black/ Silver/ Red 


1 X Magnetic Adjustable Screw Drill Tip

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